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Modular ASBM

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Modular Air Springs Building Machines
with Strip Application Technology

FlexIE Strip Application System

INTEREUROPEAN has developed a unique technology – called FlexIE – for modular manufacturing of air springs with direct extrusion of the components on the building drums.
This highly innovative process has never previously been used for the production of air springs. Its key components have been successfully tested by the company in manual mode in real production conditions.
Now, Intereuropean is proceeding to the
next stage of development and testing of the fully automatic system. This new process offers a number of advantages over the standard manufacturing process used in existing factories as there is no need to buy and install expensive calender and extrusion lines; there is no need for bobbins and semi-component handling and storage; and the system has a high level of flexibility, with the capability to change recipes online without ever stopping the machine.
This system is particularly interesting for those manufacturers that haven’t yet invested in expensive calender and extrusion lines, and are planning to expand their production in a modular and flexible way. The total area of the air spring assembly module is only around 100m2. Components are extruded and rubberized directly in the machine with the following strip winding/strip application on the drums.

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