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Tire Section Cutting

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Tire Section Cutting Machines
Pieces to cut: Tires up to Ø 1200mm

The frame of machine, is made in welded and stress relived steel. It is designed for tire cutting.


The machine is equipped with two flywheels made in cast iron, of which lower one is driven by 7.5kw motor, and upper one turns free on bearings hub.
The upper flywheel is assembled on cast iron guide, for blade tensioning by an hydraulic cylinder. In case of blade breakage the limit switch stops the machine


The table slide on linear guide rails and is driven by hydraulic cylinder, equipped with feeding regulator. The table is tilted 3°in order to reduce cutting surface at the begin of cut.
On the table there are 4 “T” slots for fixing the material, or install the fixture (Optional).
Also is installed a manual system that allowed to choose cutting measure. At the end of cut table and blade stops automatically


The blade is guided in two positions, under the table and on an adjustable moving arm on upper part of the frame.
Back of the blade is guided by hardened roller which turns on bearing. The blade sides are guided by two hardened rollers, which turns on high speed bearings.


Hydraulic unit is made of 25liters tank, equipped with fixed flow pump.
The electro-valves are assembled on the tank. The unit is also equipped with manometers and pressure regulators.


The machine is equipped with oil mist lubrication. It woks mixing oil and pressurized air, sparing the lubricant directly on blade teeth.
It is made of 3 lts tank, equipped with filter and on/off valves. It starts with blade rotation. Onboard are installed air and oil flow regulators. The level is controlled by electric float

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